The 2nd to last day

8/20 Hurd Brook Lean-To to Katahdin Stream Campground (13.4 miles)

It was a very odd feeling this morning taking down my tent, knowing that it would be the last time that I do it on the trail.  Stitch and I had a light breakfast since we were going to be stopping at the Abol Bridge (end of the 100 Mile Wilderness) to eat breakfast.

I was disappointed when we got to Abol Bridge.  Our guidebook said that they had subs and breakfast sandwiches.  Instead when we got there all they had was a pretty bad hotel breakfast.  However, we were out of food so we sat down and ate with several other thru hikers.

The rest of the day had some of the easiest trail that we have had on the whole AT.  Not very many roots and really flat.  I was very excited to get to the base of Katahdin, so I was walking very quickly, and reflecting on my whole trip.  It was surprising to me how much I remembered from the last time I did this last section of the AT.

There is so much more water in Maine than the rest of the trail and this last day was a great reminder of that.  We walked along the Penobscot River for awhile, and along or across many of the streams that feed it.  There is just more water moving way faster.  We stopped by the Big Niagara Falls, which was probably the most powerful that we saw on the whole AT.

We arrived at the Katahdin Stream Campground at the 378th and 379th Northbound thru hikers according to the Baxter State Park Register.  I had expected a lot more people to have finished already considering how slow we did the VT and ME.

We waited at the campground for my parents to pick us up since we would be spending the night with them in Millinocket before we summitted the following day.  They came around 2 and took us into town (about an hour drive from the base of the mountain).

We showered, got food for our hike tomorrow, and then went out to dinner.  We all were in bed by 8:30 in preparation for an early start tomorrow.




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