Into Maine 

7/26 Zero in Gorham, NH
We took a zero today. It was much needed for Stitch who hadn’t zeroed in over 300 miles as she caught up to us.
The hostel was a great place to zero and was a very relaxing day. We even made lasagna for Garfields favorite meal.

7/27 Pinkham Notch to Imp Shelter (13.1 miles) 
Today was a tough day for me. I had a fall very early in the day. I was totally fine after it, but it soured my mood for the rest of the morning.
Today was our last serious notch climb in the Whites. It did give us some nice views, but sadly the Presidential traverse that we did over the weekend was pretty much totally clouded in.

The afternoon was better, but had a very steep climb down to the shelter. We did a lot of rock scrambling, but thankfully we all made it without any bad falls.
7/28 The Imp Campsite to Trident Col Campsite (14.9 miles) 

We got off to an early start and were treated to some great views of mountains that we had spent the last week conquering. It was really cool to see all of it.
We stopped at a hostel and ordered a pizza and ate ice cream. 

Since today was a shorter day we hung out there for awhile.

After lunch we had a pretty long steep climb, and it was very, very hot. The heat, more than any climbing, really wears me out. We got to the campsite on the earlier side for us, which was a nice change of pace.

We are definitely in another bubble of people. There were about 15-20 people at the campsite with 5 tent spots. I hopefully this will change as we get into more remote locations, but I suspect that it won’t.

7/29 Trident Col Campsite to Full Goose Campsite (14.5 miles)

Today we made it into Maine, our 14th and final state. It’s pretty crazy that I am not less than 300 miles from Katahdin. 

We knew that the Whites were supposed to be tough, but it hasn’t seemed to get much easier. Every day we are summitting 3-6 mountains, each usually with about 1000 ft of climbing and descent. All of us have been pretty beat at the end of the day, even though we are doing a lot less mileage. The heat has definitely also made it a lot harder for me personally. No matter how much water I chug and try to drink throughout the day, I still seem to always be very thirsty.
We were treated to some more awesome views today, which served as a good reminder of how far we have come.

We have set a target finish date of August 22, to make sure all of our families can join us. It’s sad to think how little we have left.

7/30 Full Goose Campsite to Baldpate Leanto (12.0 miles) 

Today we did Mahoosuc Notch, which is widely considered the hardest (and for others the most fun) mile on the AT. It is essentially traverses a large bolder field between two mountains. There was still snow in parts deep between boulders and it was really cool how the temperature dropped 10 degrees within 10 feet of descending between boulder piles. The blazing was pretty crazy throughout with no clear path at many points, so we mostly just headed through it. The mile took us about an hour and half. After that was a very steep 1500 foot climb. We only got 5 miles done in the first 4.5 hours. It is amazing how much the terrain can slow us down.

I have finally really started to get tired of my dinners. I might even start packing in hot meals and borrow Stitch or Garfields stove. Hopefully I will get over it soon. We ended up having too much food this time so we had a pretty serious feast for dinner.

7/30 Baldpate Leanto to Andover, ME (8.0 miles)

Today was a shorter day as we headed into town. There are going to be a number of these since we have are finishing on the later side in order to make sure all of our families can make it.

The day started off with a climb up Baldpate mountain which had great views in all directions. Both the ascent and descent we entirely on rock, so we were very glad that it was a dry day.

We were definitely moving faster today since the terrain was quite a bit easier, with less climbing and fewer rock scrambles. It was nice to pick up the pace, even if it was a short day.

About a mile before the road crossing we did a short side trail to a waterfall. It has an awesome swim spot (although the water was very cold). I was the only one who partook in the swim, but I very much enjoyed it.

We got to the trailhead at about noon and called up the hostel to come pick us up. We were treated toleftovers for lunch. The hostel started when the owners were section hiking in NC and invited a bunch of thruhikers they met to stay with them in ME. They added a bunch of bunks to their house and have been hosting hikers ever since.


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