A visit from friends

7/9 Zero in Rutland, VT
Garfield and I woke up this morning after a rain filled night. We got breakfast at the restaurant whose lawn we had spent the night on. After that we tried hitching into town. We had been told that hitching in VT was easy, but similar to another thruhiker last night, we ended up standing on the side of a road for over an hour before a women in a pickup truck took pity on us and gave us a ride into town in the trucks bed. We are very lucky and got into town before the rain started.
The mall we resupplied at was a great resupply spot. It had a Walmart, Dollar Store, and grocery store. We hit up all three, and then noticed a movie theater in the mall too. My friends weren’t meeting us until later in the evening, so we decided to see Finding Dory while we waited. It was a good movie, but not nearly as good as the original.

After the movie we were walking back to the hotel and a woman pulling out of the parking lot offered us a ride. We took her up on her offer and jumped in the bed of her pickup. If our rides were at all representative, women in manual pickups like to pick up thruhikers. We got to the hotel and cleaned ourselves up before my friends arrived.

They got to the hotel around 4pm and then hung out until we went out to dinner. We went to a local restaurant and had a very good meal. It was great catching up with them.

7/10 VT 103 to Governor Clement Shelter (7.1 miles)

We woke up on the later side this morning and had a nice slow breakfast. It was raining hard for most of the morning, but we decided to go on a short hike south from the trailhead. Both of the kids did a great job going up and down the steep slippery trail in the rain. They view from the top wasn’t too good because of the fog, but we had fun in the gorge at the bottom.

After our short hike thy headed back to Boston and Garfield and I headed north. After a very steep uphill we arrived at a shelter and ate lunch. We thought about staying there for the night, but decided to press on to the next shelter.

We passed the point where there are 500 miles remaining to Katahdin. That doesn’t feel very far, certainly not as far as my first 500 miles felt. I started hiking with Garfield shortly after before I hit 500 miles (although I didn’t hike with him for about 2 weeks), so it was quite a reflection point for us.

There were two pretty serious stream crossing. The first had two different white blazed crossings, one on a very sketchy log and 2×4 with a rope, and the other on some rocks across the stream. With all of the rain, the rock crossing was very much underwater. I took the bridge, while Garfield decided to ford the river. The second stream was also flowing strongly, but there was no way to get across without getting your feet wet. I pulled out my Guthooks guide to see how far we were from camp, and we were only .1 away. I decided to put on my water/camp shoes to cross the river, while Garfield already had wet shoes, so he just went on through.


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