Into MA

6/21 Depot Hill road to Ten Mile River campsite (19.6 miles)
My parents dropped us off at the trail head and we got off to a little bit later of a start after a very relaxing Nero and zero. The day overall was very boring, relatively flat with no good views. We did enter CT (although we will be along the border with NY for a few miles tomorrow) so we have nearly completed another state.

We came across 3 separate trail magics in the last 4 miles of our hike which was really awesome, since we haven’t had too much recently. We filled up on snacks, so I only had a small dinner.

There was also some great puns about a dammed stream we crossed (there were at least 7 in a row). Even Stitch got in on the fun. I really missed doing this.

Gear update: I sent my pot and stove along with my rain pants. Not sure if/ when I will want them back, but I expect to see my parents quite a bit more up north, so should be able to get them back easily.

6/22 Ten Mile Shelter to Silver Hill Campsite (18.9 miles)

This morning was quite tough. There weren’t any climbs greater than 1,000 ft, but numerous steep ups and downs that definitely wore on our legs. It was good prep for the northern states which are going to be quite a bit less flat.

We crossed two big markers today on the trail. We finished NY our 9th state and are now 2/3s of the way done with the trail in terms of miles (although probably not in Secret Agent units, since NH and ME are often considered more difficult). It definitely feels good to get across those markers, although does make the end seem somewhat nearer then I want it to be.

The last 5 miles of the day were very flat. We had some great conversations. It sometimes seems that we are out of conversations to have (I have already gotten each of their families entire pet history), I continue to be amazed by and very happy about the new things I learn about and from Garfield and Stitch.

6/23 Silver Hill Campsite to Limestone Spring Shelter (18.1 miles)

There were a bunch more PUDs today. I think the lots of small up and downs are much worse than the big ones.

I was not feeling well after lunch, so I definitely moving slower than usual. When we were about 1 miles from a town we were passing through we call the restaurant their to see their hours. They were about to close, but were kind enough to keep the kitchen open for us. We headed over there and got lunch which was great.

When we were leaving town we passed a hydroelectric dam and Stitch and Garfield were talking about what type of power infrastructure was there based on some of our conversations. It was pretty cool to remember those conversations we had back I VA.

Nothing really exciting has happened over the last little bit, but I am still having a lot of fun.

6/24 Limestone Spring Shelter to Laurel Ridge Campsite (12.6 miles)

We woke up and got out of camp on the early side because we were going to eat breakfast in town. We came across a beautiful view in the morning.

We went into town which was about a half mile off the trail. We resupplyed and got breakfast and lunch. Garfield and I got bread and meatballs to make subs for lunch. We ended up getting 2lbs of meatballs which proved far too much considering we ate a large and late breakfast. I decided to pack them in for dinner.

Shortly after lunch we crossed the 1500 mile marker, which was very exciting and after a nearly 2000 ft climb we were treated to a beautiful view and the CT-MA border. It’s really awesome how fast these last several states have passed.

6/25 Laurel Ridge Campsite to Tim Leonard Shelter (19.3 miles

I suspected that today was going to be a long tough day based on the mileage and first consecutive mountains that we have had to climb in awhile. The day was made even harder by the heat. While there were great views on the first climb, they were not in the shade and it was too hot on the sun to linger for too long. I was really happy for the green tunnel that kept us out of the sun for most of the day. Thankfully, a trail angel had dropped of a cooler full of ice water that really it the spot at the bottom of the climbs.

We were all pretty beat by the end of the day. I think it was a mixture of climbs, lack of water, and heat. It was the first day in a long time when my feet hurt at the end of the day. There were rocky climbs and I also stubbed my toe several times. I was very happy to get to camp and enjoy some cold water from the water source (although it was pretty far away).

6/26 Tim Leonard Shelter to Upper Goose Pond Cabin (21.1 miles)

I thought today was going to be quite a bit harder than it ended up being. While we did bigger mileage than yesterday, it was not as hilly not did it feel as hot since we spent nearly the entire day in the forest. I was once again very grateful for the green tunnel.

Over the last few days we have been struggling to come up with conversation topics since we have spent so much time together. However, there are several topics which we have only talked with one other person about. We have started having the person who it was originally explained to tell it to the other person. That involved me teaching Garfield about quilting and him explaining The Big Short to Stitch. It’s amazing how much you can learn about random topics on the trail.

We are staying tonight in our tents next to a pretty cool cabin. It is quite a bit off trail, but there isn’t anywhere else to stay for 10 miles in either direction, so a lot of people end up here. They have a nice dock for swimming and canoes that you can take out. Sadly we got here late in the day so only had time for a quick swim.


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