Bevo and Chaos

My mom said that it would be good for me to give people a little bit more background on the people I hike with.  I figured I would give it a start below.  I will probably only be doing this for people I spend quite a bit of time with (at least a week).

I met Bevo and Chaos at the Standing Indian Shelter and started hiking for the final 6 miles of the following day.  I have been hiking with them ever since.


Bevo is a lot of fun to hike with.  We have similar senses of humor and is a great person to talk about a wide range of issues (from relationships to coal power plants).  While we don’t agree on everything, he is a really fun person to debate with (we both like playing devil’s advocate).  He is planning on thru-hiking all the way to Katahdin, and I hope I am able to keep up with him.  He is a big Texas Longhorns fan (as you can tell by his custom made trail shirt).  He is almost always the one driving our destinations at the end of the day.  While this can sometimes be frustrating after a long day, it is generally good to make sure that we get where we want (and have a place to stay in town).

He does a pretty good job describing himself on his blog (, which is way more popular, detailed and probably all around better than mine.


Chaos is Bevo’s younger brother, who is section hiking the first few weeks with his brother, so will sadly be leaving us soon.  He hails from Breckenridge, CO and is a great embodiment of designing your life around the things you love.  I have really enjoyed my conversations with him about one can be as happy as possible in life.

He runs a Airbnb ( which based on his description sounds like a great place to stay (with the possibility of great adventure). 


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