A Slackpack

Wayha Bald to Rock Gap (13.8 miles)

Today Bevo, Cahos and I slackpacked (hiking without your backpack) today. We got a late start (11 am) because our ride from the hostel was running late.  It was nice to hike without the pack, we definitely moved faster and weren’t nearly as tired. 

The day was very foggy, so some of the views were blocked, but it also led to some very cool views (that couldn’t be captured on my phone camera).   

Early in the day we came across the first of many “green tunnels”. It was cool to see, but I am sure I will not be saying that in a few months. 


After lunch at the top of the Bald, Bevo and Cahos gave me some very valuable life and relationship advice, which boiled down to “don’t date crazy” (although said in cruder terms).

We also passed to coolest water fall since the approach trail. 


When we got back down to rock gap we had by far the best trail magic we have had so far. For the last 25 years this group of people has been making Easter omelettes for thru-hikers.  They even had menus where you could select what you wanted in the omelette and what kind of sandwich you wanted in the morning. The omelette were incredibly large and delicious. 


We got back to the hostel and to our surprise One Extra and Highwire (who we stayed with at standing indian) were there and we enjoyed hanging out with them for the evening. 

For those interested, Bevo also  blogged about it (and included a good story about a guy we met) here(http://www.postholer.com/journal/Appalachian-Trail/2016/BevoHi/2016-03-27/Day-8-Wayah-Bald—Franklin-NC—Gooder-Hostel/53936)



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