Jamie meanders solo

Jamie’s mom posting. It is  3/20/16 and I met up with Jamie and his dad at 

It is said that 20% of  thru hikers throw in the hat here. There is a tradition of throwing your boots in the trees when you call it quits. 


 Jamie’s keeping his boots on  but his dad is taking his boots off . So all good things come to an end as his dad  walks his pack to the car. 

  We are spending the night at Blood Mountains Country Store and Cabins. Our cabin is Bobcat and as part of the deal they do laundry for those continuing on the AT . The couple that runs this place are delightful and very accommodating to thru hikers.  

 This is the country store and would highly recommend.    


Jamie is starved so it will come as no surprise that he goes for a BBQ joint. Next best thing to a big green egg!

  We end up eating in Helen, an unexpected German Austrian town located in rural Georgia. A leftover from the gold mining days.  Who knew gold was discovered in 1828  in the town of Dahlonega . That is 20 years before the gold rush in California.  On 3/21 is cold (28 degrees), windy and snowy as Jamie hits the trail. Burr!!!

 And off he goes…..



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