The Gear

I have finished packing all my gear for my Wednesday departure (Thursday start date).  I expect that m gear will change as I meander north.  For those of you curious about the gear I am bringing I have laid it out below (with pictures).

For most of my gear, I splurged to get the ultra lightweight stuff (as my mother says “there seems to be an inverse relationship between weight and price”).  I generally chose lightweight weight over functionality, but there are a few exceptions (my stove, the kindle,zseat….).  Overall the pack is a little bit heavier than I had hoped (was hoping for sub 14 pounds), but there are numerous items (rain pants, long underwear bottoms, underwear, and extra shorts) I wanted to start off with, but may decide to send home.


Below is my pack weight (including myself):



I have adapted the Platypus Gravityworks system to use a Swayer filter, which has a slightly slower flow rate (about 1 liter per minute) because it is lighter and last longer.  I will also be using a Varpur water bottle.



I will be using a Jetboil MiniMo and a bamboo spoon.  It is a heavier cookset, but it is very fuel efficient and boils water quickly (~4 min for a cup).20160314_121714001_iOS


I will be using a Zpacks duplex tent, Therm-a-rest NeoAir XLite, and Katabatibc Gear Palisade 30°F sleeping bag.  These were ludicrously expensive, but they are very lightweight.  My sleeping bag is stuffed in a water proof Schnozzel Pump Bag, which I adapted to my Therm-a-rest using a bike tube.  Since the NeoAir requires a lot of air this bag will allow me to pump it up quickly, without blowing into it.


Rain Gear

I will be using Patagonia Rain pants, Outdoor Research Helium II Rain coat, Zpacks Pack cover, and Rocky Gore-tex socks.  The shoes I will be wearing are not gore-tex (if/when goretex gets wet then it takes forever to dry), so the goretex socks will be useful for the first few months if/when I encounter snow or really cold rain.  I am not sure how much I will even use the rain gear because I often find that I sweat so much that I end up being just as wet as if I was just in the rain.


Gossamer Gear Mariposa is recommend for weights below 35 pounds.  Like my tent and sleeping bag this comes from a tiny online-only ultra lightweight back packing company (Thanks internet!!).

Untitled 2.png

Cold Weather Gear 

I am carrying a Rab Xenon Jacket, Patagonia Capilene Thermal Weight top and bottom, a LL bean Hat, and Possum gloves.  I am not sure how long I will keep all the cold weather gear (particularly the long underwear bottoms), but a simple rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the last 100 miles, send it home.  I will probably want cold weather gear back in VT or NH, but it might not be worth carrying the whole way.



I will be carrying a two additional Zpack stuff sacks for food (bear bag)and my clothes.  The latter of these is fleece lined so can also double as a pillow.  These should keep my clothes dry in the event by pack gets very wet.


Daily Wear

Each day I will be wearing:


  • Kindle
  • iPhone
  • Portable External Charger
  • High Speed Charger and cords
  • Black Diamond Head Lamp



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