Estimated Schedule

One great thing about hiking the AT in the 21st century is the plethora of easily accessible resources to help you prepare.  David “AWOL” Miller ( has put together a guide which contains pretty much everything a thru hiker needs to know (mileage, elevation, good places to get food/sleep, etc.) on their hike.    He also made a daily plan which I have adapted for my start date below.

This will hopefully be a very rough estimate of where I will be each day.  I have included a rest day (called a “zero” in thru-hiker lingo) approximately once a week.  I am hoping to average 15 miles per day (not including zeros), which is about 3,100 ft of gross elevation gain/loss per day.  It may be a little aggressive at the start, but I hope to keep pace with it. The yellow highlight indicates days in which I plan to resupply.

If you are interested in other thru-hiker lingo you can check it out here .


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